Ceora Brown LIBR 262A

Materials for Children 0-4

61) Bee & Bird by Craig Frazier

Frazier, Craig. Bee & Bird. Roaring Brook, 2011. 40 pages. ISBN: 978-1-59643-660-2

This wordless picture book is outstanding for its use of graphic design and differing perspectives. We first see black and yellow stripes up close. Next, we see a large bee on top of a red dot, with an orange triangular shape. A side angle of the bee reveals a big red bird. Only the eyes of the red bird acknowledge the bee sitting upon its head. A small image of the red bird and the bee are now sitting in a tree, with blue sky in between, and a yellow square shape. An overhead/aerial shot reveals that a green tree, with the bird and the bee, is in a yellow truck. The bird and the bee take off in flight over a solid cow pattern, and another perspective reveals the red bird sitting on top of a black-and-white cow. As if taken by a camera lens, the picture book presents different perspectives, as the bird and the bee ride together over many different landscapes, only to part–with the bee returning to its beehive. This picture book will help young children understand the concept of shapes and perception. Children will want to re-look at the book for the strong solid colors, and the different range of patterns and shapes–stripes, cow-patterns, checkers, cones, and waves. (Picture book 2-5) Author-Illustrator website can be found at

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49) Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier

Frazier, Craig. Lots of Dots. Chronicle, 2010. 40 pages. ISBN: 978-0-8118-7715-2.

Young children are learning their shapes, numbers, colors, and letters. This picture book serves a dual purpose, because it is fully loaded with many different colors, and concentrates on one single shape—a circle. A “dot” is just another word for “circle”.  There are many sizes, motions, colors, and functions of dots, from “some dots are big,” “some dots are small,” “dots for going,” “dots for snacking,” “dots for kicking,” “dots are bright,” “dots that smell sweet,” to “dots that are fun.” There are lots of dots in this picture book, and the text is kept short and uses simple vocabulary.  Every phrase contains the word “dot,” which will reinforce the lesson and help associate the circular pictures to the word dot.  A male figure’s shadow explores the world around him, and identifies where dots can be found in everyday objects—ladybugs, balloons, skateboards, bubbles, stop lights, peas, ice cream, gumballs, and more.  Each page has a white background with vibrant color combinations, such as bright green and orange, bright red and blue, bright purple and yellow, which add energy to the images. Children will learn a range of many different colors. By dedicating an entire book to one shape, children will have a full understanding of the concept of circles and dots. They will be able to look at the world around them and identify dots and circles. (Picture book 2-5). Author-illustrator website can be found at!/craig/biography

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