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Materials for Children 0-4

60) The Hiccuping Hippo [Pop-Up Book] by Keith Faulkner

Faulkner, Keith and Jonathan Lambert. The Hiccuping Hippo [A Pop-Up Book]. 16 pages. Dial Books, 2004. ISBN: 0-8037-2963-4

“Hic!…Hic!…Hic!…” says the Hippo, because he has horrible hiccups. The Hiccuping Hippo needs help to stop his hiccups from erupting. The opening spread is a pop-out of a blue hippo, illustrated with blue water color, including different brush-strokes of blue, purple, and lavender,  as well as green sponge-speckles for added texture. Animal friends give the Hippo friendly advice on how to cure his hiccups. A pop-out of an upside-down Orangutan suggests for the hippo to drink water upside-down. A python pop-out suggests “Try holding your breath”  because it has previously worked for him. Too bad it did not work for the hippo. “Try this cure”  said the Stork, in which he pulled the Hippo’s tongue, assisted by the Orangutan. This cure does not work, either. A pop-out of the Orangutan, the python, and the stork are linked together, and as they think together they develop an idea that will cure the hippo of his hiccups.  With closed eyes, the hippo awaits. Then, BOO! The Orangutan, the python, and the stork startle the Hippo, curing his hiccups.  This is a great read-aloud-pop-up book, that presents the idea of helping others solve problems. A fun visual dynamic with a surprising end, that will  help to prepare toddlers for thinking and problem solving skills. (Pop-Up Book 3-5). No author/illustrator website.

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30) Stuff and Nonsense by David Pelham

Pelham, David. Stuff and Nonsense. Little Simon, 2009. 16 pages. ISBN: 978141695907-6.

This quirky, funny, rhythmic pop-up book uses a combination of text and textiles to tell a story. Young listeners will hear a story about a team of mice, who gather to build a house piece by piece, using: “twinkly stuff, “stripy stuff” “cheesy stuff,” “spotty stuff” and more. With rhythmic sounds of mice talking, and tools clattering, while rushing to build the house, children will anticipate the words on the page–“Bumpy-bump! Clumpy-clump! Squeaky-squeaky…Bash! Happy faster, leg in plaster, trippy-trippy…Crash!” For babies, who are too young to read words, little fingers can touch and feel materials: “furry stuff,” “red stuff,” “wavy stuff,” “wooly stuff,” “velvety stuff,” and “bumpy stuff”. This creative pop-up book uses the graphics to tell a story about teamwork, and building blocks. Each mouse introduces babies and toddlers to different shapes, patterns, textures, and the story is funny which will spark positive emotions.The story begins and ends with a pop-up surprise! (Pop-up/Picture book 0-4) No author-illustrator website.

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