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Materials for Children 0-4

5) Hondo and Fabian by Peter McCarty

McCarty, Peter. (2010). Hondo and Fabian. New York: Henry Holt and Company.

Hondo and Fabian

Written and illustrated by the same author, Peter McCarty presents a story about similarities. Although a dog and a cat appear different, sleep in different places, eat different food, and play with different people, they lead similar lives. Hondo, the dog, has an adventure at the beach and Fabian, the cat,  has an adventure inside the house.   The author/illustrator uses simple language and simple sentences to tell a story about two animals that both have fun in different ways. The font size is large enough for children to learn how to connect letters, and learn new words.  The illustrations are exquisitely drawn with natural tones and they are framed.  McCarty uses pencil on watercolor paper to create the dream-like effect. For children under age 3, who cannot yet read, the book’s illustrations can tell the story.  Author-illustrator website can be found at this book was awarded the Caldecott Honor award.


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4.) Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

    Henkes, K. (2004). Kitten’s First Full Moon. New York: Greenwillow. ISBN: 00-6058828-4

This Caldecott Medal award  hardcover picturebook would be great for storytime sessions, because it allows children to interact with the story. Kitten thinks that the moon is a bowl of milk, and because she wants milk so bad Kitten tries to find it.  This motif of “wanting” is relatable to kids, because they sometimes want what they cannot always have. Wondering whether Kitten will find the bowl of milk adds a bit of suspense to the story, as well. The use of the moon as a double image great use of contrast in the story.  Preschool ages kids (ages 3 and 4) will be able to tell the difference between a bowl of milk and the moon. This book encourages children to use their minds and explain what really appears in the pictures.  The use of grey tones allows for the story to unfold without any distracting colors. Because a bowl of milk is white, and the moon is white, having colored pictures would have taken us away from the story. The book was colored using gouache and colored pencil. Author-illustrator website can be found at

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