Ceora Brown LIBR 262A

Materials for Children 0-4

63) Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell

McDonnell, Patrick. Me…Jane. Little Brown and Company, 2011. 40 pages. ISBN: 978-0316045469.

It all began with a toy chimpanzee. A very curious little girl named Jane takes her toy chimpanzee, named Jubilee, everywhere she goes–up a tree, in a chicken coop, and into bed. Jane loved animals so much that she learned about them from books and loved spending time outdoors.  Books about “Tarzan of the Apes” she read and identified with the female character, whose name is also Jane. From dreaming about living and helping animals, to tucking Jubilee into bed, saying prayers, and falling asleep–Jane awakes as the zoologist she always dreamed she would become. This is an outstanding concept, a biography nestled into a creative children’s picture book. The illustrator of the Mutt comics, cartoonist, Patrick McDonnell, creates simple text alongside small vignettes of Jane and Jubilee. The artwork is done in India ink and watercolor on paper. There are many surprising images on the corresponding pages, including a special photo of Jane Goodall at the end of the book. Both the text and the illustrations make the story fun, realistic and heartwarming. (Picture book 2-5). The illustrator-author’s website can be found at

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