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Materials for Children 0-4

79) The Three Little Pigs [App] by Agile Fusion Corp

Three Little Pigs. Agile Fusion Corp, 2011.  Amazon. ASIN:B00681Z0H8

This application focuses on the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs.The story deomstrates how quality work pays off in the end. The story  has a high vocabulary level, however, children who cannot read, yet, will enjoy being read to by the narrator. There are many friendly interactive features and colorful animated images. Hear the story by touching any word and the image enlarges and the play button appears. Press the play button, and the narrator will read the story. This app is great for young children, and older children. As children learn to read they can choose not to listen to the narrator, and begin reading the words themselves. After the story, there are different interactive games that can be played including: “Coloring,” “Puzzle,” and “Dots”.  In the coloring feature there is a blank page with an image of the two pigs, and a list of colors. Children can choose which color they like, and start coloring the picture, with the touch of a finger. The great thing about coloring on an e-book is that there is no mess! No crayons, no markers, no paper is needed. However, it will be necessary to use a stylus pen to color with, to keep the color outside of the black lines. There is a zoom feature which allows children to get up close and color near the black lines.  In the dots feature, children will learn to count numbers as they must touch the right order of numbers, from 1 to 10, in order to connect the dots.  In the puzzle feature, children can match the correct image (pig, cow, wold, house, bird, old man) to the correct spot.  These are games that young children would play ordinarily. This application incorporates storytelling, reading, puzzles, dots and lines, and coloring. The illustrations are animated, and character’s have sound effects if touched. Play and touch the characters for an interactive experience. The sound effects and the movement of the animations on each page might be distracting for readers, but for young children, who are listening to the narrator, this application is wonderful. (Application 2-5). No author/illustrator website.

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78) Once Upon a Potty [App] by Alona Frankel

Frankel, Alona.  Once Upon a Potty: Girl. Oceanhouse  Media, Inc. 2011. Application.

Frankel’s  classic toilet-training book has been adapted to an application. There are both boy and girl versions of the application. Oceanhouse Media stays true to the book. The red color fills the screen, and there is an introduction that reads the title of the book and mentions the authors name, before the buttons appear. Each flower is a button including the titles: “The Potty song,” “Sing Along,” “Read to Me,” “Read Myself,” and “Auto play”. The solid red background and white text make it easy to read the words. As the potty song is going the words lighten, so it is easy to follow along. In the read along section, the words to the story appear, but you can touch the illustrations and a voice will announce which body part was touched. In this way, children who do not understand how to read can look and touch the illustration of the body, or the diaper, or the mother, or the baby, or the poo-poo and hear the words that name the object. The sentence can also be touched, and the narration will read the entire sentence. Children can turn the page by brushing their finger over the glass. An easy and entertaining application for young ones. (Application 2-5). Author-illustrator website can be found at

once upon a potty 300x2001 Potty time

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