Ceora Brown LIBR 262A

Materials for Children 0-4

64) Get Happy by Malachy Doyle

on March 26, 2012

Doyle, Malachy. Get Happy. Illustrated by Caroline Uff. Walker & Company, 2011. 32 pages. ISBN: 978-0-8027-2271-3

Children can forget their troubles, and “Get Happy” with this instructional picture book about behavior. Two-to-three word phrases dominate each page with rhyming text, keeping the meaning clear and concise.  Scenarios of bad behavior dominate the left page, while good behavior dominates the right page, with illustrations that will help teach young children how to tame their negative side, and remain happy–“squabble less,” “share more!” grumble less” and “giggle more”. Young children will learn how to remain happy by sharing, cuddling, giggling, planting, singing, giving, tickling, wondering, and more. By avoiding bad habits, such as squabbling, sniffling, grumbling, shouting, kids will identify their own selfish or rude behavior. This picture book is great for emotional development. Young children might follow the books recommendation on good behavior.  (Picture book 3-5). Author’s website can be found at Illustrators website can be found at


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