Ceora Brown LIBR 262A

Materials for Children 0-4

41) Azul (Librito De Los Colores/Book of Colors) (Spanish Ed) by Bouchama and Nadia

on March 5, 2012

Bouchama, Nadia. Azul LIbrito De Los Colores/ Blue Book of Colors Spanish Edition.  Roca, 2008.  12 pages. ISBN: 978-849693909.

This little board book will teach young children the concept of colors and shapes in Spanish and English. Parents can point to friendly illustrations and toddlers can identify what the image is in English and Spanish. Babies can touch and feel the braided texture of real zapatos/shoe laces, touch and feel what “vaqueros/blue” jeans material feels like, the rubbery texture of what a “ballena/whale” feels like, and the cloth material of “calcetines/socks,” and a bowl of shiny “arandanos/blueberries”. This is a perfect bilingual board book that encourages learning. All images are blue, and the interaction between children and parents will help them feel confident enough to start locating the names of blue object around the house. (Board Book 0-3). The author-illustrator’s website can be found at–/SIG=11moujclb/EXP=1331008398/**http%3a//


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