Ceora Brown LIBR 262A

Materials for Children 0-4

23) The Four Elements: Fire by Maria Rius and J.M. Parramon

on February 16, 2012

Ruis, Maria. The Four Elements: Fire. Illustrated by J.M. Parramon. Barron’s, 1986. 30 pages. ISBN: 978-0812057430

What is heat? What is fire?  This picture book, from the 1980s, can help introduce young children to the element of fire–explaining  its dangers and usefulness. Fire is always different sizes, it can be… “small, when its lit”,  “big, when it grows,” “terrible, when it spreads,” and bad “when it burns”.  Fire can also be very “good, when it warms,” good for cooking, and “good, for launching rockets”. This picture book has soulful illustrations that bring the words to life, with depictions of fire in its different stages. Fire is not always nice; it can destroy even a simple little girl’s bedroom and toys. J.M. Parramon’s illustrations complement the words on the opposite page. Short, simplified words are written on a white page, while the illustrations are displayed on the opposite page. This allows children to begin associating text with illustration.Fire is not always bad, but be safe when using it otherwise it could hurt people. Fire is part of The Four Elements series, by Ruis, which include Earth, Air, and Water. This picture book is a great addition to any Earth Day storytime session. (Picture Book 3-5). No author-illustrator website.


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